I need to have my dog attend Paws Zone's dog daycare. What are the requirements?

Please register your details and that of your dog's through the Paws Zone Portal. After you've put in your information, please click on "Add a Pet" to put in your dog's information. Your dog must be at least 12 weeks old and has completed all of the required vaccinations (C5).

Once registered, we will schedule a convenient time with you for your dog to attend our 2-hour dog daycare trial. The trial is an assessment of your dog's temperament and suitability to an open or off-leash environment. Your dog must pass this trial to be able to join our dog daycare service.

Your dog must be in good health, every time that your dog has a scheduled service at Paws Zone.

How old should my dog be before he can join dog daycare at Paws Zone?

As per Code of Practice for Animal Boarding Establishments Victoria, puppies between 10 to 16 weeks can be admitted to day boarding facilities like Paws Zone provided they have received their first vaccination at least 8 days previous to admission and are continuing the recommended vaccination schedule.

Paws Zone's policy is that we accept puppies at least 12 weeks and has had completed all vaccinations required (C5).

How much is a full day dog daycare cost?

Our casual full fog daycare rate for 1 dog is $52. It is $99 for 2 dogs.

A half day dog daycare is $5 for 1 dog and $80 for 2 dogs.

We offer a discounted rate of $47 for pensioners and concession card holders. The dog must be registered with the council under the pensioner's or concession card holder's name.

We also have 10-day ($468) and 20-day ($889) passes available. These passes rates are for 1 dog. Please contact us for multiple dogs passes.

Would my dog have some rest time during daycare?

Paws Zone has a balanced approach to play and rest. Your dog will be given rest times accordingly.

Do you feed dogs during daycare?

Dogs in our care are fed treats, like carrots & apples when we have them on hand. We also have treats that dogs consider high-value (which means high drool effect) like Black Hawk and Prime100 chicken, lamb or beef jerky. When you register your dog's details on the Paws Zone Portal, please provide instructions if you'd allow for us to feed your dog some treats and if your dog has specific allergies we need to know of.

For puppies needing to be fed lunch, we request that their food be provided in a container marked with their name. Please also mark if there is a need to put the container in the fridge.

Do you mix small dogs with large dogs?

We mix & group dogs based on their energy level. We have instances when a small dog may have an almost equivalent energy as that of a large dog. All dogs are supervised based on a higher staff-to-dog ratio than what is required under the Code of Practice.

My dog will only need to have a dog grooming service. Do we need to register and provide my dog's vaccination record?

Yes. Our dog grooming salon is located inside our dog daycare centre and as such, teh requirements for us to provide dog grooming service to your dog is the same for when a dog has a playdate with us for dog daycare. Information we collect includes your contact information and that of your dog's, including an up-to-date vaccination record. This means that we need dogs attending our centre to have an up-to-date C5 vaccination.

Do you offer dog boarding service?

We have temporarily paused our dog boarding service. We will review the viability of activating this service again next year.