Doggy Daycare Service

Does your dog need to be socialised with other dogs & people?

Do you need your dog to be exercised?

Is your dog hyperactive needing to burn pent-up energy?

Does your dog anxious, specially when left home alone?

Is your dog displaying destructive behaviour due to loneliness or boredom?

Do you need to attend an important event for the day that you feel guilty leaving your pooch all alone at home?

It is a hot day.  You don't want to leave your dog alone with the air conditioner on all day.

It is a cold day.  Energy bills are racking up and that may mean that it is expensive to turn the heater on for your dog.

Has your dog escaped your property before?

If you and your dog associate with any of the above, then Paws Zone may be the right fit for you and your dog!

Our dog guests, from puppies to senior dogs, meet new and old friends when they come for dog daycare at Paws Zone.  Small dogs and big dogs mingle together, fully supervised by our experienced and caring team, to ensure safety, harmony & fun.

Our daily daycare activities include heaps of physical and mental stimulation with tug-of-war, play ball, cardboard shredding, zoomies and chasies are the Pawsies favourites.  With over 800 square meters of indoor and outdoor areas, Pawsies have ample space to roam and spend their energy the healthy way.  There is no need to have your dog walked before or after attending dog daycare.

You may drop off your dog from 7:30AM and pickup no later than 6:30PM, on weekdays and will sufficiently cover your work schedule should you have a long day at work.  This translates to more time for cuddles and kisses between you and your dog when you get home. And fingers crossed, no more chewed on shoes or dug up garden to surprise you.

Your dog will be comfortable, whether it is a hot or cold day outside, as our indoor areas are temperature-controlled and matched with air recirculation technology to keep nasties at bay.  Your dog will need to be like Houdini to pass through the multiple entry and exit points in our dog care areas.

To give you peace of mind, your dog will be cared for by our team of dog-lovers, most have qualifications on Animal Care, Dog Behaviour and Dog Grooming, with years of dog care experience.