At Paws Zone, dog guests are loved & cared for like they are our own.

They are treated with the highest level of quality care they deserve.  

Our commitment is to make dogs happy & healthy in a safe and fun environment. 

It is our daily goal to make Paws Zone a dog’s happy place!

For busy pet parents needing to work long hours, running errands all day or wanting to have some well-deserved me time, Paws Zone can help by ensuring their dog is provided playtime, exercise and socialisation, which will keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

With our regular dog grooming service, Paws Zone may assist pet parents with improving the dog's hygiene and health, minimising the occurrence of dog's fur on their clothes and furnitures (or everywhere, really), identifying lumps, bumps and any potential skin issues early on, maintaining a healthier coat and keeping the dog comfortable.

The Paws Zone Difference

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    Dog Daycare

    With Paws Zone’s dog daycare service, your dog will enjoy a fun-filled day of safe socialisation & exercise with other dogs, and get tons of cuddles, pats & kisses from our amazing team. 


    Our team of caring dog-lovers is led by professionals with years of dog care experience, who are passionate about dogs and dog care.


    You can rest assured that we will do everything to make sure that your dog is safe and healthy in our hands.  Our high staff-to-dog ratio enables us to supervise closely all of our dog guests, get to know them more intimately and form a bond of trust and love. 

    You can count on us to be an extended member of your puppy-raising or dog-confidence-building team!


    We cater to dogs of different sizes, aged from 12 weeks old to senior petizens, with up-to-date vaccinations. 


    Play time at Paws Zone revolves around interactive and fun toys and games to keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated.  

    There will be rest and quiet times, too.


    Your dog will have a lot of room to do zoomies & chasies to his heart’s content at our large indoor & outdoor areas.  Their safety & comfort are our top priority.  Ventilation & temperature control mechanisms are in place to make your dog’s stay pleasant and comfortable, all seasons.  Air recirculation units with effective air cleaning & filtration keep your dogs healthy in our care & safe from potential nasties.


    Our secure outdoor area is a haven to enjoy lots of fresh air & bask under the sun, meet new and old friends with a bum sniff or two as well as play a game of fetch. 

    This area is most often where they do their “doggy business”.

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    Meet & Greet

    The safety of your dog and every dog guest in our care is paramount for us.  One of our primary safety protocols is done through Paws Zone’s Meet & Greet.  Before having a dog daycare playdate with us, new dog guests must pass a 4-hour dog daycare trial through our Meet & Greet which includes an assessment of their temperament and sociability and that they are a good fit to our open-play environment. 


    Prior to the Meet & Greet, please register your details on the Paws Zone’s customer portal.  Your dog’s details, including an up-to-date vaccination record, must also be entered through “Add a Pet” in the portal.  After this, please feel free to book your dog’s Meet & Greet on the portal.


    On the Meet & Greet day, please drop off your dog at our reception area where a member of our dog daycare team will meet you and your dog, walk you through how we conduct the assessment process & answer
    any questions you may have.  Please bring the vaccination record as well for us to re-check.  Pickup your dog after 4 hours and we will take you through the outcome of your dog’s daycare trial.  When your dog passes the trial, you can book your dog’s next playdate straightaway.

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    Dog Grooming

    Your dogs will need to be regularly groomed for general health and hygiene, & of course, to further amplify their cuteness factor!

    With Paws Zone’s dog grooming service, your dog will receive gentle handling techniques and positive reinforcement throughout the dog grooming process to keep them calm, less stressed & more focused on enjoying the experience.   

    Your dog will be pampered with Paws Zone’s dog grooming service with choices like Full Dog Groom, Tidy Up, Wash & Dry, Deshedding, Nail Trim & Ear Clean to name a few.

    For puppies, a great first dog grooming experience can last a doggy lifetime so it is important that your puppy gets the most caring, gentle & loving dog grooming treatment ever. 

    With Paws Zone’s puppy grooming service, your puppy firstly gets oodles of pats and cuddles. Secondly, a gentle touch and stroke on the head, the body and paws of your pup to re-affirm that he is in good hands and that he will be cared for.  After which, a sampling of the looks, the sounds and the feel of the dog grooming tools follows to make your pup become more familiar and accepting of them.  A gentle brush and if needed, a pre-clip starts off the dog grooming process followed by a gentle wash and a dry off.  For a full groom, your pup’s coat on his head and body will be clipped according to your preference. This includes a clip on the legs, the genital area and a trim around the paws. In addition, your puppy’s ears will be cleaned with a flush of our ear cleaner solution and his nails will be trimmed, too. A spritz of doggy cologne finishes off the full groom service.

    For senior dogs or for when your dog has difficulties standing up because of a physical condition, we’ll be providing an all-hands on-deck approach to support your dog throughout the grooming process and this may assist in speeding up the service.


    If your dog is anxious about being groomed, we
    will be taking our time to work at your dog’s pace, including taking pauses and
    giving them a treat with a bit of playtime with other dogs.

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