Dog Daycare

I want to bring my dog for dog daycare at Paws Zone. What are the requirements for admission?

Thank you for considering Paws Zone for your dog care needs.  Firstly, we need you to register your and your dog’s details.  Your dog must be at least 12 weeks old and have completed his first vaccination 8 days prior to attending the dog daycare trial.

Once the registration is completed, we will schedule your dog’s daycare trial which includes a temperament assessment to test your dog’s sociability and suitability to dog daycare.  We conduct them on weekdays in 2-hour slots between 9:00AM and 1:00PM.  Your dog must pass the dog daycare trial prior to attending doggy daycare.

Do you feed dogs attending daycare?

We provide treats to dogs attending dog daycare.  We request pet parents to bring treats and meals for dogs if the dog needs to have them during their playdate at Paws Zone. This is especially for puppies needing to have 3 meals per day.

Can you tell me more about your free 2 hour doggy daycare trial?

This offer is available for dogs based in Victoria subject to the dog having a current C5 vaccination. The dog must have had their C5 vaccination 8 days prior to admission to dog daycare in compliance with the Code of Practice for the Operation of Animal Boarding Establishments.

2.  This offer is only valid for the dog’s first visit for 2 hours. It is conducted every weekday at the following timeslots: 9AM to 11AM & 1PM to 3PM.

3.  Our daily dog daycare charge will be applied if the dog needs to stay longer than the free 2-hour doggy daycare period.

4.  This offer is subject to Paws Zone’s General Terms and Conditions.  We reserve the right to refuse service to any dog or person who is deemed dangerous or may threaten the safety of our staff and our customers (dogs and their pet parents).

5.  Registration will need to be completed prior to the day of the scheduled admission to dog daycare.

My dog is currently on medication. Do you charge extra for giving the dog his medicine?

We don’t charge extra to feed medicine to a dog in our care.  We do request for the instructions to be emailed to us to include frequency & dosage.

Do I need to stay with my dog for the daycare trial?

There is no need for you to stay during the dog daycare trial.  Upon drop-off, we will walk you through the process that we undertake to assess your dog during the dog daycare trial. We will advise you of the pickup time.  Upon pickup, we will be relaying to you the results of the assessment. When the dog passes the assessment, you can book straight away Paws Zone’s dog daycare and dog boarding services.

We provide updates through our Facebook or Instagram page, privately to you.  Please make sure that you send us a message through our socials though so we can send those updates.

Will my dog get some rest during his dog daycare stay?

At Paws Zone, we take a balanced approach to play and rest.  We take the time to get to know each dog so we can attend to the dog’s needs on an individual level.  Downtime and rest are tailored and personalised.  During downtime, we put the lights down, play soothing & calming music, put dogs in smaller groups with the same energy level, or lying in beds.

Can we inspect the facility before we commit to my dog attending daycare?

For the safety of our staff and the community we serve, we are taking a pause on our centre tours.  For the time being, we encourage pet parents to view our virtual centre tour here.  For any questions regarding our services and our facility, please give us a call at 04PAWS1234.

Promo: Costco Members get 20% discount on dog's first daycare playdate

1. This 20% discount offer is available for households with an active Costco membership and is limited to the dog’s first dog daycare service.  The discount is not extended to products available in the Paws Zone store.  

2.  This offer is subject to Paws Zone’s General Terms and Conditions.

3.  Paws Zone reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time.

4.  Registration will need to be completed prior to the day of the scheduled service.

5.  In the case of multiple dogs in a household, each of the dogs can claim the offer.

6. It is a requirement that a scanned (or photographed) copy of the Costco membership card is sent to Paws Zone prior to the first service.

7. Available to Victorian residents only.

8. This promo is not valid in conjunction with any other Paws Zone promotion.

May I book my dog to only half a day for doggy daycare?

Yes, of course.  Half-day dog daycare is a stay of 4 hours or less. Checkout our dog daycare pricing here.

Will I get updates during my dog's stay at Paws Zone?

Certainly! We provide photos, videos, and commentaries through a private Facebook or Instagram message to you. We do ask though that in order for us to do that, kindly send us a message on our Facebook or Instagram page.  It will be a bonus if you can like or follow our socials wilst you’re at it. Thanks!

Do small dogs play with large dogs in your dog daycare or dog boarding service?

We conduct a dog temperament test prior to admission to our dog daycare or dog boarding service. This allows us to check the dog’s social skills, behaviour, and play style to name a few.

So yes, we do place small dogs with the large dogs in the same area for play and rest. All play and rest times are supervised as the safety of all the dogs in our care and our staff is our top priority. To ensure the utmost comfort of the dogs in our care, we keep the dogs with their regular group to provide consistency and familiarity. It is balanced by the introduction of new friends to the group to improve the dog’s confidence and social behaviour.

Dog Boarding

My family and I will be going on a holiday and we need to bring our dog to a kennel. What are the requirements for dog boarding?
What do I need to bring for my dog attending dog boarding at your place?

We request for pet parents to bring anything that provides familiarity for the dog, especially for dogs who will be using our dog boarding service for the first time. This includes beddings & blankets, dog crate (if they use one), their food or water bowl, and their favourite toy.  We, of course, do have dog beds & bowls available for dog boarding and dog daycare purposes.

We also request that dog food and treats be brought so we prevent any tummy upsets during their stay.  We have dog food available that we use for dog boarding but if your dog requires a specific brand or special diet, please bring them with the dog on drop off. We have fridges to store food requiring refrigeration.

My dog will be staying overnight. Will he be joining the daycare gang during the day?

Yes. Dogs enjoying our dog boarding service will join the dogs attending dog daycare.

Does someone stay onsite with the dogs using your dog boarding service?

For when we have dogs at Paws Zone for our dog boarding services, yes, we do have at least one staff onsite. Our dog boarding centre is manned 24 hours a day when we have dogs staying overnight. This is in line with the Code of Practice for the Operation of Boarding Establishments.

Dog Grooming

My dog is scheduled to have a full dog groom. I may not be able to pick him up until later in the day. Do you charge extra for that?

Dogs who get our dog grooming service do not need to have a dog daycare trial as a pre-requisite to getting that service. However, when a dog requires to stay longer before or after the scheduled dog grooming session, we need to complete a temperament assessment to ensure the safety of all dogs in our care as well as that of our team.   If the dog didn’t pass the temperament assessment, the dog will need to be picked up after the grooming session.  If the pet parent is not able to do so, the dog will stay in one of the rest areas until pickup time, and that the pet parent will need to pay for daycare. 

For when the dog has had a full dog groom done, the pet parent will need to pay the grooming service as per normal rate and as advised by the groomer plus dog daycare at 50% discount. 

For when the dog has had other dog grooming service, e.g., wash and dry, the pet parent will need to pay the additional daycare service at full rate.

I have my dog scheduled for his first ever dog groom at Paws Zone. May I availa of the dog daycare trial as well?

Yes, we encourage pet parents whose dogs use our dog grooming service to avail of the dog daycare trial (before or after the dog grooming session) in case they need dog daycare or dog boarding in the future.

Do you provide playtime for dogs attending dog grooming?

Subject to the dog’s temperament, yes. We give the dog enough playtime before the dog grooming session to promote a positive and enjoyable environment for the dog. 

We also give the dog playtime after the groom as a treat for being a good dog!

I don't want my dog mingling with other dogs when he goes for a dog grooming session.

We certainly can arrange for your dog to go straight to the dog grooming room to be groomed right away and to be picked up immediately once the session finishes.  Your dog will be kept in the dog grooming room whilst waiting for you to arrive.

Do you cage dogs before and after dog grooming?


I only need dog grooming for my dog. Do I need to fill in the registration form?

Paws Zone is an open, cage-free dog daycare, dog boarding and dog grooming centre. The information we request to be provided on the registration form will allow for us to have a reference on your dog’s health, diet, history and behaviour so we are in the best position to provide your dog the utmost care. You can fill in your details through the Paws Zone Registration Form.

Does my dog need to attend a dog daycare trial to have him groomed?

No, it is not required for dog grooming service. We do recommend the free dog daycare trial in case you need your dog to go to Paws Zone for dog daycare or dog boarding service in the future.