Dog daycare

Dogs are highly sociable and thrive on engagement and interaction with others – two and four-legged creatures alike.  Company is one of their instinctual needs. As such, so your dog isn’t alone or isolated when you’re at work or attending to a commitment, a doggy day care may be something to consider.

At Paws Zone, our goal is to nurture & care for dogs so they live enriched lives through socialization. Your dogs will have room to roam inside and outside, with our spacious multi-level dog care centre with indoor and outdoor play and rest areas.

To ensure a safe environment for every dog and staff at Paws Zone, we conduct a Dog Daycare Trial to assess your dog’s social skills and suitability to be part of the growing Pawsie family. 



Full-Day Dog daycare


$99/2 dogs

Half-Day daycare


$80/2 dogs

Full-day Dog Daycare & Dog Grooming bundle

Book a full dog groom and get a daycare service at half-price!

Dog Daycare Requirements

Register your details

Complete the Paws Zone Registration Form with your and your dog’s details. Please have the vaccination record handy, along with the council tag ID and microchip number.

Puppies must be at least 12 weeks old & have completed first vaccination

Dogs attending a Paws Zone Dog Daycare Trial must be at least 12 weeks old AND have completed their first vaccination at least 8 days prior to the scheduled dog daycare trial AND will be continuing the recommended vaccination schedule.  Pet parents will be given information on the associated risks of the pup contracting diseases if not fully vaccinated.  Pet parents must provide a written approval or acknowledgment of the risks through the Paws Zone Registration Form.

Must pass Paws Zone's Dog Daycare Trial

Passing the Temperament Test/Trial Day is required before admission to Paws Zone’s Dog Day care and Dog Boarding services.  A temperament test for dogs focuses on and measures different aspects of temperament such as shyness, aggressiveness and friendliness as well as the dog’s instincts for protectiveness.  Situational challenges (neutral, friendly and threatening) are given to the dog being tested under a controlled environment, calling into play the dog’s ability to determine non-threatening situations and those calling for natural (watchful and protective) reactions. The temperament test takes between 2 hours and 4 hours. For dogs being groomed, temperament test is not required. If the dog grooming is bundled with either the dog daycare or dog boarding, temperament test is required to be passed. 

Dogs older than 16 weeks must have an up-to-date C5 vaccination

A copy of the vaccination record must be attached to the Paws Zone Registration Form, or sent via email or socials.

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